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Equinistic Certification

Horses are coming forward as teachers and healers in programs everywhere. Here at Gateway 2 Ranch we have pioneered the Equinisity Programs and have interest from people all over the world who would like to incorporate these at liberty horse healing programs that are producing miraculous results.

Course Overview:

The EQUINISTIC Healing Certification Course will enable the certified practitioner to practice, not teach, the program. The pre-requisite will be an understanding (not necessarily accreditation) in one or more of the energy healing programs (ie. Healing Touch, Reiki, etc.) and reading, the six books channelled through the horses; One With the Herd, The Truth According to Horses, Life Unbridled, Sabbatical, Wisdom From The Herd, and Up, Up, and Away. The course is a full immersion experience that will tune your frequency to the highest levels and will maintain the message of connection and oneness of the Equinisity workshops as well as the inspiration that the horses have shared through the books and workshops. It will involve apprenticing at a regular Equinisity workshop (please view the Calendar for retreat dates and the Register Here link for pricing) while learning from Liz about the horses, their messages, and communication at liberty, connection and oneness to the earth, and the horse liberty healing techniques and principles. Participants will then either stay on for a layover week and finish with a second retreat or return for a follow-up Equinisity Retreat. Participants will then submit a journal of their cases, details, and results, and receive their certificate.

Equinistic Healing Certification Logo

Healing Case Study:

It is important to maintain a degree of structure without taking away the horse's ability to interact at liberty. Here is a typical private therapy session at an Equinisity program that shows the levels of interaction between the land, the animals, and the healers and participants. It is important to realize that through this process, everyone is healed:

Participant arrived for her private therapy session after years of unsuccessful in-vitro implantation wanting to conceive a long-awaited child. Crystal bowed to her and went straight to the table waiting for her to get up. Prospera (baby) then joined at the opposite end while Miro and Arthur held space and certain others came to help. Those horses maintained their places each morning for the entire three days and then were waiting for her on the land, and with Prospera in front, the herd surrounded her by the solar plexus chakra (an area on the land) and Prospera picked up Her 'Expect Miracles' hat off her head and lifted it high in the air then returned it several times so everyone would notice. They then circled an area of bush we had not noticed and showed us a deer bed in the center where a deer had birthed. This is to say nothing for the trees, the Hawks, ravens, bluebirds (two perched on a giant rock with a lichen embryo in a uterus-shaped area to draw it to our attention), and cranes, all fertility symbols, who all led us to amazing signs. An enormous 500-year-old tree in the shape of a pregnant woman appeared 20 feet off the main trail we had used all summer and had never seen before. As the animals and the land had shown us the woman conceived the long-awaited child within a few months of the retreat.
If you get too many people controlling the situation or interfering with what the horses offer then you will lose the flow and honesty of the messages from the animals and the earth. Sometimes our fear gets in the way. Miro was one of the young horses that were a bit problematic last summer (boys will be boys) and he was instrumental in this latest process. Certification is to guarantee the inspiration and purity are not lost or the overall understanding of the program which is a unique contribution from the horses. It is so much bigger and involves the entire communication, with love and respect and relationship with the horses. Also just as humans, not every horse is a healer, and you can't drag horses who don't live in natural connection with the earth and expect them to do the job (sort of like dragging a prisoner out of solitary and treating them like a monk) so, there is a whole learning involving the connection, the liberty, and respect. It will of course work better with a herd that lives naturally and together and can clear the energy taken on from the people.

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