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Read All About the Wonderful Stories, Miracles and Feedback We Have Gratefully Received:

We all have moments or events in our lives, big and small that shape who we are and who we are to become. For myself, the retreat at Equinisity was one of them. The power of the Herd surpasses that of the individual and shows us that true love for community is to be valued over division and self-pursuit. Horses, as companions to humans for thousands of years, reveal to us that a bond of love between human and animal is stronger than any bridle or cage. Humanity has stopped being accountable for their actions involving the well-being of the animal kingdom here on earth. Many of us shy away from listening to the facts, it is because of this that it is time to stop, reflect and implement a process of reconciliation and healing between us. When trust is broken, love follows. When trust is built, love shines through. It is our responsibility as a Loving and Wise Humanity to restore our relationship with animals. WE can do it. We need only open our Hearts and Try.

Thank you to Liz Mitten-Ryan for creating and sharing your beautiful home with us. Thank you to all of the local animals who provided us with love, attention, and a harmonious environment. Thank you to the group that I was able to share this experience with, it was a pleasure to spend this time with you and I have no doubt we will meet again someday. I will return.

- Michael M

Dearest Liz, From my whole entire heart I thank you for being only LOVE in my life. You have been so instrumental in shifting and lifting my life in the spiritual direction it was begging for. As you say, we do get in our own way... You are my biggest inspiration, I am very excited about manifesting my hearts desire. I still talk to Serene everyday from my heart to hers, she cleared up a lot of muck and yuck I had towards myself... I am forever grateful for what you gifted me.... You and the Herd saved a life. Regal sends a big thank you also, he knows his Mama can SEE now. With huge love and thanks always and always!!!


- Leslie

Dear Liz,
I cannot thank you enough for the gifts that I brought home, thanks to you and the Herd. All of the books, courses, seminars, webinars, meditations and affirmations that have filled my life and my time have never given me what you did through your intention, your powerful guide book (that I keep turning to) and the magnificent and generous healers that are in your care. 
I returned with the ability to access my heart space throughout the day and experience both the love inside and the core of calm I never knew I had. The frenzy and anxiety that I woke to every morning have been banished from the kingdom. My monkey mind is now on a strong leash and sometimes even goes to sleep. These changes are palpable and more valuable than anything anyone could ever give me. 
I thought you would enjoy the attached photo that Jodi took on the last day, capturing Stefan in a light that says it all… He truly appreciated it.

Love and blessings,

- Sandra

God Rays

The Equinisity retreats have transformed my life. Through the intuitive thoughts brought forth to my consciousness, through meditation with the horses, I have succeeded in discovering my heart's desire, and been given tools to manifest my most meaningful life goals.

- Marianne Disipio-Vitale

I was always wondering how it must feel to really let go, what it really means to let go, how to live from the heart and let the heart intelligence be my guide. to have that open heart without a valve which may close to protect it. To simply live with that infinite unconditionally love for all that is. I know that I have still long path ahead of me - but isn't that the beauty of life? - at Liz's place, on the land and with the horses I finally got in touch with that magic state, where there is nothing but unconditionally love. tears running down my face when Miro, Serine and the Baby, Pashar or any of the other wonderful healers approach me gently, tap into my energy and cleanse what ever needed to be cleansed. they knew so much better than me. I simply trusted and let go. Let go of what? - of the need to understand everything, of figuring out everything, of attachment, of clinging to the outcome... I don't know what exactly the horses and the Land did to me, what I do know is, that a deep sense of connection, a tender , loving feeling for all creatures, nature's magic, animals, for all that is, arisen from deep within me. a sense of awakening and a sense of purpose and vision to help others to discover this.
Liz's love, passion and empathy deepened the process of my personal journey and inspired me to pursue my dreams and visions. I will be back :-)

with love,

- Renate


Hi Liz,
Thank you!
I actually feel physically different and will never forget the message you brought me from the herd about walking more softly like them.
My time with you and your very special herd was more than I could ever have imagined.
I still have some pain but mostly gone, so long as I pratice walking softly I don't have the pain.
The first day was very difficult as I wasn't aware of the distance between the guest house and the stables, and by end of day I had a great deal of pain in my hips, but as the days progressed the pain became less and less so now it just feels like residual pain. I haven't use my cane since leaving the retreat.
It's difficult for me to describe my feelings about my time with the herd but I will try.
You can't help but feel the peace, healing energy and love in the stables when the herd is there together.
I began to feel light headed as the light the herd was giving off was almost blinding. It's like they were saying I was there for a specific reason and I won't be able to escape the light and the healing that goes with it.
I finally quieted my mind and slowed my breathing and surrendered. What came next felt like a trance that lasted a really long time. I came out of the stables feeling, and apparently looking, shell shocked. I chuckle now thinking about it.
Walking across the land and learning about the different chakra's I became more aware of the magic of it all. 
All I could feel is Love and Peace and Healing. The Spirit Lodge meditation was also healing for me as I found the more time I took to quiet my mind and still my heart the more open I was to messages and dreams that would aid me in my life and continued healing. The space felt safe and blessed.
I will NEVER forget ....and ALWAYS remember my time with you and your family. 
Thank you .... I reconnected with Love.
Will always be sending you love and blessings.
Most Sincerely,

-Kate Stewart


Thanks for all the wisdom and for the wonderful gift of Equinisity! What a journey of pure transformation. I am applying everything I learned from you and the Herd to my life. I am in the process to continue to find balance, happiness and peace. My husband already moved out, actually 3 days after my arrival from Canada. Starting a new chapter in my life story, but I am ready for the wonderful opportunities God and the Universe has for me! 
I found my true self during my time with you and I can't wait to be back and visit you all!!! My love to you, your beautiful family, Isabel, the dogs and the Horses (a special tender love to Prima, Prospera and Magic).



It has taken me a long time to be able to write, Liz. 
The trailing emotions of my wonderful time at Equinisity still linger in me, very real and compelling, making my life in Victoria pale by comparison. Now that the love is settling into my body, I am writing to tell you thank you, thank you so much! I found nothing from which to defend myself, so I I was able to fully absorb the week. I loved, I feared, I imagined, I argued, I judged, same old self, yet deep down and below all that, the horses spoke in their profound language of silence, and broke my heart open to enter and teach me. Merlin was my dearest experience, paralleled by the seven who held love and space for me on Friday, all are written in my heart. Remember all the guys on the first couple of days?? And the Buddha, Tesoro, holding witness perfectly. Your land rocked and nursed me in my sacred tent, and filled my time with messages of goodness, safety and truth, the honesty of nature, and a mirror of the crazy projections I brought in abundance. I am still going over it, watching the great gift of your video every day, at least once, and want you to know how grateful I am to you for opening your magnificent space and lifestyle to us. With more thanks than can be said, Blessings to you, Liz, your family, animals and staff, all wonderful.



Running an equine rescue is emotionally challenging to say the least. I assist horses all over the country and have seen every aspect of the horse-human relationship imaginable. Some nice, some not so nice. But rarely, if ever until now, have I had the opportunity to be surrounded by people who ARE aware.

In April 2013, an animal communication session between me, medium Lisa Larson, and a horse that I have never seen or heard of, was the beginning of my advanced spiritual journey. This horse, Lava Lady, an emotionally distraught racehorse in Florida, was very concerned about the wave of emotional disconnect between horses in captivity, their environment, and their people. She knew what "Zen Horsie" was, but I could not envision the entirety of what that meant.

At that time, I did not have a complete understanding of what she was saying, nor did I have any idea about what "equine consciousness" was. A few weeks later I received my Equine Wellness magazine and glanced through it, noticing an article about Equinisity Retreats. Eight weeks later when I finally had time to pick up the magazine and read it, I immediately went to Liz's web site and KNEW I was going. Lava Lady from a distance smacked me upside the head and said "idiot – I have been trying to get you to look at this for weeks now!"

The journey that Lava Lady sent me on turned into a total transformation of how I view everything. The horses at Equinisity gave me a complete and total understanding of what it is like to live at the "Fourth Level of Consciousness", where everything is connected, All is one, one is All, and the illusion of physical life. I can never look at the world through the same eyes that I arrived with.

During an awareness exercise, we had to feel a horse that we were drawn to, look directly in their eyes, and explain what we heard. Magic, one of the horses came up to me immediately and put her eye right next to mine. Looking deeply I heard her message – "See your reflection in me, as I see my refection in you. I am you, you are I, and we are one." She then showed me a picture of a tin can string telephone. She stuck one can on my forehead at my third eye, and the string connected ran through her heart, and subsequently through every other horse heart of the herd. When it reached the last horse, the string and the can shot up into the sky and disappeared into the clouds. I then heard Magic say "Now you can hear. Listen to and through your heart, see the soul in every entity." The things these horses teach you are so simple, so pure, so basic, and we as humans have been programmed to forget. The time has come for all of us to remember.

The special circle of women I was blessed to be a part of, were all called on by the herd to carry their message of universal love, compassion, and oneness. To view the world through the eyes of a horse is a gift that I will carry with me as I continue to rescue horses and try to change how people look at them. Thanks to Liz, the herd and the entire Equinisity experience, I have a greater understanding of what they say through their bodies, minds, and souls. It was the ride of my life.
See you next year!

With never ending love and appreciation.

- Esta


I stayed at Gateway 2 Ranch for three weeks, eight days were the retreat, plus another two weeks afterwards. Where do I start recounting my experience? Where is the beginning? Maybe it begins right here and now. Yes, I'll tell you how I feel now and what is different, new and noticeable.

As soon as I was back home I noticed that I was experiencing time differently. I always seem to have plenty of time now. The hands on the clocks seem to move more slowly. I have plenty of time to do all the chores and all the fun things and spend time doing nothing, just being. When I close my eyes and try to get a visual impression of time, I don't see a line any longer, I now see a circle with infinite space within and without.

I have disconnected from an unnatural and unhealthy pattern of staying up late, not getting enough restful sleep, then forcing myself out of bed in the morning feeling like I've been run over by a truck. There had been an anxiety in me in the hours after dark, which had kept me agitated, restless and awake. Now I find it easier to follow my natural rhythm, go to bed at a reasonable time when my body says 'I'm tired'. I sleep well, remember more of my dreams and wake up naturally around sunrise feeling rested.

I feel an increased flow of creativity, a liberated flow, both in writing and in my photographic art. There is an ease, a patience and an enjoyment of the process as much as the outcome. Generally, I feel more at ease with myself and with life and have an increased ability to trust the unfolding of life and I regain trust easily in moments of doubt, anxiety or fear.

My intuitive sensing and seeing are clearer. I feel guided and protected. With my healing work involving the horses, I have stepped through a doorway, broken through a veil into new and deeper realms. The horses are reflecting this back to me by being ever more willing to come to the healing table. Yesterday, even Rose who has not been participating very much so far, was deeply engaged in a healing on a woman. The day before, Pablo, my baby, did a healing on me together with Buffalo. They had me wedged between them with Pablo's nose pressed against my middle back and Buffalo's nose pressed into my solar plexus, firmly yet ever so gently and then they just breathing onto and into me a warm and melting breath. All the horses are stepping right into this work and I am not hiding any longer. I let myself be seen as the lead mare of the herd, as the guardian of my equine healers, as the soft, sensitive, intuitive healer that I am while knowing how to stay out of the way of the horses doing their work channeling divine energy. They are such pure conduits and vessels of love!

I have been unplugged from a lot of unnecessary distractions of daily 'civilized' life, including the dynamics between people. When I have the great honor to facilitate a healing session with my herd for someone I am in my element. Time is not the same any longer. There is this timeless, formless energy bubble surrounding us and it is of such exquisite stillness, peace and soft loving that I find it difficult to do it justice with words. Maybe a poem will emerge!?

I speak of my time at Gateway 2 often, with my family, friends, clients and others. I speak about it with my horses and I ask them if they received my messages while I was away? I ask them if they were there when the Herd at Gateway 2 stood meditating in sacred circles at the top of the hill at night, beaming to the stars and the moon their deepest longing? Did they also send their deepest longing out into the night? Are you sending your deepest longing to the stars and the moon?

The horses are longing for us to heal and be joyful so that we treat ourselves, each other, them and the whole planet with love and so that every decision we make is motivated by and every action we take is infused with LOVE and JOY.

- Beate Maria Sommer

Hi Liz - I did not realize what amazing work you were doing until I came home!! I understand the Oneness, it just became so clear to me! This is the piece I've been missing, I've allowed myself to become separate, outside looking in. Your passion and fire is truly inspiring. I continue to process as my body changes daily.


Thank you again

- Judy


My Transformational Three Weeks at Gateway Ranch 2 of Equnisity:

There are so many portals at Gateway 2 Ranch, doorways into new realms, openings into fresh and higher energies, passages through veils.
There are bridges connecting places on the outside with places on my inside, stepping stones traversing unchartered territory safely, docking stations for downloading higher consciousness and for recharging my batteries with love and joy.


Pools of stillness holding me up. Peaks bringing me closer to heaven. And then the horses who, with their liquid crystal eyes enchant me, with the softness of their muzzles endear me and with the warmth of their breaths enliven me.

Drop all your judgments. Let go of all your beliefs and preconceived ideas. Become empty to become receptive. Make space. Don't search for anything; just remove your blocks and resistances, your ifs and buts.
Be naked, be brave. Bare your heart and soul. Be like the ice cube melting in the sun and thus returning to the earth to become one with its source.


Stand in the circle of wise horses on top of the hill at night and amongst them beam to the stars and the moon your heart's deepest longing. Then, call to those who, like you, are awake in the night.

- Joan


Time with the Equinisity herd has given me a much more varied experience with horses than I had ever thought possible. After experiencing the magic, for lack of better term, of Liz's herd, I became a believer. My analytical and very scientific mind shifted from doubting what they were doing, (as in healing work) to fully accepting it about mid-week. The scientific mind bartered with my heart and created a barrier that my gut knew needed to break down. With the help of the horses and herd collectively, it melted away and has stayed away. With a fresh message about knowing what is in my heart and how to voice exactly that, my throat was cleared.
Given the seemingly miraculous experiences the Equinisity herd provided to me, I was open to feel a similar way with other horses anywhere. After having witnessed such energetic beings who were used to working at full capacity without any human limitations, my body and mind allowed that as my new standard. My limits were pushed far beyond their comfort zone for the first half of the week I was at Gateway 2 Ranch.


I was unsure that horses could do all that they were touted to do at this place. Having never worked with horses in this way, I had my doubts but curiosity negotiated them away. The horses cleared and rebalanced me then sent me off to work with other horses in a way that honors them as the healers they so naturally are.

Coming home to Houston to work with the therapy herd who I had come to know well was quite an experience. Horses began to do things I had not seen them ever do in my life with horses. We had horses laying down in front of people sometimes, horses who were normally a bit standoff-ish coming in to work with people. A young Arabian mare in particular who was a challenge to halter became more social and easier to work with. Horses came in groups as people sat under trees processing their equine therapy sessions and would scan people by moving their heads around the body of anyone needing work. Once they found a spot, the horse might lick, chew, or just hang out and get in the "zone" and relax with that person. Seemingly a calm little task, inevitably the horse would go deep into whatever the energy blockage was. This elicited an intense feeling of relaxation for most people. Other horses would pull at the air or a person's clothes, lightly as if to "pull" something away…and when asked, the person usually knew what needed to be shed emotionally or physically. What amazed me was how accurate the horses were-they knew exactly where blockages were that needed to clear. Some people were not ready for this and couldn't go into this and in these cases the horses would leave.

Other horses would go into this seemingly meditative zone and place their nostrils over the area to be healed or rebalanced. Many times the person would state they had pain or a problem in that area. Or, clients who were more open minded might state there was a symbolic reason the horse may be spending time in a certain area. It looked like horses taking naps, but their eyes were open and hooves firmly planted, not usually resting.

Firmly connected to the energy of the earth the horses served as strong conduits to facilitate healing on mental, emotional, and physical levels. People started to notice that their pain was gone, which they may or may not have told us about prior to the session.

Perhaps the most meaningful experience I have seen as a result of attending Liz's Equinisity Certification class, involved our herd leader a large elegant warmblood known as Maestro, and Katy, the 30 year old grandmother of our herd.

I witnessed a profound interaction between a young client of our regularly scheduled mental rehabilitation group and two therapy horses. Katy and Maestro were both key players in her process. Katy was alone at the end of the field as usual and the teenage girl with a somber expression and a depleted looking posture approached her. She had not uttered a word other than her name, the whole time at the ranch. I was the only one in that part of the 7-acre pasture as the rest of the group and therapists were in the larger cluster of horses further away. Katy promptly laid down right by the teenage girl after a bit of grooming. She was on her left side and the girl sat at her head quietly. Feeling honored to be included in this intimate space, I watched closely for any gesture from Katy.

Leaving everything upto the horses to teach this girl whatever it was she needed to learn was hard for me at this moment. I wanted so badly for her to have this time as her own and for nobody to interrupt. Although she was sitting in a safe position, there was a soft-vibration coming from the ground. Turning my head revealed Maestro marching heavily with his head in full alert.
He flagged his tail and did a beautiful 30-foot circle at a gorgeous extended trot with his ears pricked and surrounded Katy. This of course, got the attention of all other therapists and the rest of the group and counselors with them. Such a show was completely unheard of. Then after a couple of rounds trotting, he walked up and nudged Katy's hind end. She did not budge. Maestro was satisfied about whatever was going on and respectfully returned to his herd that somehow managed to stay away from these two. The girl stayed in the same place as all of this went on, oblivious to the stunned observers standing out of sight. Katy stayed immobilized for quite some time and the girl did not move either. Silence was the only thing the two had in common.
Finally Katy got up. The young woman had misty eyes in the processing circle; "She told me that I'm good enough." She had not uttered a word from the time she got there to the time she left.


Even without knowing what context she was referring to, it did not matter. The horses' work had gotten her to realize a big crux in her life and had given her permission to be at peace with herself. Everyone kept a respectful distance to honor her process so there was no questioning and no analyzing.
She had come to her own conclusion through the actions and presence of two horses who normally did not interact or tolerate each other's presence in such proximity. Knowing the oddity of these two interacting and Katy not even moving was such an interesting piece.
Realizing that these horses were well socialized, in an established herd, and already good therapy horses; we usually had activities planned to do with them to help a person move through or process a certain issue. Although we did consider the horse's body language and symbolism behind their actions, I felt there had to be more to this. Already my job was to present the horses' points of view, but I wanted the next step. Intuitively I felt the horses could do more and were possibly being restricted by what the human mind would allow them to do.


By having restrictions in my consciousness, I was inadvertently providing the same feeling for our clients. This created a situation where the horses were only "allowed" to do certain things, although my ideas were very un-structured and wide-open for the horse to lead. Still, I was restricting them. None of this was deliberate; but within most people's own limitations of what we believe animals can do.

What I have learned is the act of SIMPLY giving the horses permission to express themselves fully and to do whatever work we need has been one of the most liberating and powerful cornerstones in my lifetime of being with horses. It has taken time to integrate, however I felt an instant sense of trust and this knowingness that the horses would do exactly what the client needed. We just have to stand back, allow, and let them do the work. Holding the space for such intimate moments between people and horses is an absolute honor. The horses dive into the depths of whatever the human can manage to be open to or at least be curious about. Trusting that the horse will go as far as needed, often times much further than any indication on the surface is a part of this. They melt through walls and gently; but deliberately, melt into the heart of everything as they scoop fibers of truth from the depths of what we thought we knew about ourselves. It is their only way and if we can open ourselves to being totally vulnerable to this experience it has huge rewards.

This is the hardest thing for some people to do, when it feels like you are watching the grass grow. At times like this, horses might just be eating grass or "doing nothing," maybe even standing far away. Horses are never "doing nothing" by the way. Maybe they have not changed positions in a long time and people are getting bored. This is when it feels like a waste of time to some people and you are about to give up. Just before leaving the herd your mind might be flirting with accepting peace in that moment or choosing to dive in for more information. This is when something awesome is allowed to happen because in that tiny lapse of thinking we are receptive to the messages.
Expecting certain horses to do things or hoping that someone gets the lesson and even interpreting what the horse is doing all lead to the same thing. The person will not get the most from this experience in this case because you have made it about you and your perception of the experience.


After my time learning about Equinisity, my subconscious was different and I had experienced horses in such a fresh way. There was no way to go back to my previous conception of horses. I now knew what was possible with a herd that had been thoroughly respected and loved as healers living in an ideal environment, which included the choice to work with people. The experiences I had with Liz's herd blew my mind as I learned to allow the herd to be healers, teachers, guides, and truly trust that they knew exactly what people needed. They sensed what people were ready for without input from other humans.

Perhaps the most valuable take-away message was: 'The secret is we have to give them permission. We hold the key, put up the barriers…we have to believe in the possibility and allow them to do the healing. You are only able to see what you believe is possible, what you give permission to.'

I believe.

- Elizabeth (Lizzy) Meyer


I wanted to let you know how things are going since I attended my first Equinisity Retreat just about one year ago. Others told me my life would change as a result but I didn't believe it. I already believed in the ALL, I knew I could connect with horses and I looked forward to connecting with yours – so what was the big deal? Others saw visions but, as I expected, for me there were no fireworks, no visions and no life changing revelations. However, now a year later, I recognize how different I have become! I think you mentioned at the time – I was too much in my head. That didn't really make sense to me then but now I realize the real magic for me at Gateway 2 was that I learned what it FELT like to be connected to the all. The experience moved my beliefs from my head to my heart. I now FEEL the connection to the ALL as I never could before and that has made ALL the difference!


Thank you!

- Linda


You truly do not know how much you have been a part of something special until the refection takes place. I feel so fortunate to have experienced the Herd/dogs/cats/people.
I cherish the moments.
I do miss the simplicity and beauty- I carry the most amazing memories/experiences in my heart…
Again- I value the experience and all the lessons along the way.

 - Angie


I don't even have the words to tell you how deeply the time at your place has changed my life. Not that all my ills have been healed, that is yet to come. But I came away with the awareness of infinite abundance. Have more frequent moments of spontaneous bliss. The vision of where to go in my future. The opportunity to assist in bringing this type of awareness to others lives thru equine assisted healing. I am so much more loving toward "conflict", therefore I don't have much ...

Remember I mentioned in an email that there were no longer crows on the property as they were angry. I walked out the door this morning to see a large flock in the pasture. As I walked down the lane there were more in the next pasture. Then as I moved the horses to the front fields, there, again, were more.

I can hardly wait to go to bed at night so that I can get up the next morning to see what is on for the day! That is not as I used to be.
I am deeply, deeply grateful for what the horses did for me, and to you for making it possible. That I might change even one person's life as this has changed mine, my efforts shall not be lost.

- Elizabeth Phillipson


Hi Liz,

This poem reminds me so much of you, I had to send it your way.


Mindful by Mary Oliver

Every day
I see or hear
that more or less

kills me
with delight,
that leaves me
like a needle

in the haystack
of light.
It was what I was born for -
to look, to listen,

to lose myself
inside this soft world -
to instruct myself
over and over

in joy,
and acclamation.
Nor am I talking
about the exceptional,

the fearful, the dreadful,
the very extravagant -
but of the ordinary,
the common, the very drab,

the daily presentations.
Oh, good scholar,
I say to myself,
how can you help

but grow wise
with such teachings
as these -
the untrimmable light

of the world,
the ocean's shine,
the prayers that are made
out of grass?


I'm still thinking and writing about my week with you and the Herd. It seems I discover more about my journey each day. I'm filled with gratitude for the powerful lessons you shared with us. Knowing you is a great blessing in my life!

- Melissa Brown


Hello Liz and group - I am moved beyond words with the experience at Gateway 2 Ranch. I am a person of not so many words, until i need to speak; and prefer to be like the horse and let my actions make my language. With my homecoming, I was pleased to see my eldest horse, Priscilla, walking very well; as if she were two years old. She has had 2 hind feet/leg(s) with major issues for a couple of years now. The healing facilitated by Crystal on the table one day while i was at Gateway; I am sure went into my horse, Priscilla, transcended thousands of miles and healed her legs/feet. I always knew distance healing was true; as I have practiced it in various ways for many years in my work with others. I find however, with my horses, I am so in love with them all; that the emotional content gets in my way of making space for healings to occur (sometimes). And so, this time with Liz, herd and the group, was truly a healing for the healer (me!)' and I give thanks. I can not express in words (again) the gratitude I have for having time with all of you. I am moved to tears in writing this to you. My heart is so full of love and life again; and for this i give thanks. The rest of my small herd (5!) all notice a shift in my energy - it feels like a cellular or DNA transformation - I mean, I really feel different inside.

This by far, is the best "happening" I have EVER had in travel/learning/experiences. As I told you , Liz, I have gone to many horse programs and otherwise seeking to learn, grow, become excited - and left because I was not moved. Thank you for all that you do ! What a wonderful blessing you are to the world - from one horse to another!

- Kimberly Clarke, Author of 'Healing with Horses'


I found this vision quest retreat to be the most 'complete life altering /awareness awakening experience', giving me such physical and spiritual freedom that I can not help but move forward in my life to fulfill my God Given life purposes. Living all my dreams and desires with pure passion. Thank you Liz, and Gateway 2 for this one of a kind gift.

- Michele


An exquisite experience allowing one to escape their own reality yet bringing you closer to not only your true self but to the consciousness of the earth of which we are all one


- Shawn Hamilton


I am sixty-nine and had a very old neck and knee injury. Both disappeared through the healing sessions at these Life Changing Retreats.

- Carol Ferguson

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