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Ranch House

Host your own workshops or enjoy a peaceful escape at the upcoming Equinisity Retreats Ranch House!


For practitioners and visitors who have expressed a desire to spend longer periods of time at Equinisity Retreats, we are offering extended time via an opportunity to long term lease, month-long lots of time at our new Equinisity Ranch House.

Equinisity Ranch House - 3D Render
Equinisity Ranch House -Second Floor Plan
Equinisity Ranch House -Ground Floor Plan

The Ranch House promises countless memories in a fully furnished home, set within a few minutes walk of the Barn, Guest House, Spirit Lodge and tent community. It provides access to all of the Equinisity property, The Herd, retreat services and amenities. If you have wanted either a summer house on a ranch or are wanting to bring clients and coach using Equinistic Healing and nature therapy, the 2 bedroom, 2 bath house will comfortably provide a private space to relax, reflect and share with family and friends or clients.


We are offering 1 month blocks of time at $4,000/month during retreat season (May to October) or $2,000/month during the
winter season through a pre-paid 10 year lease. You pay only for the time you plan to spend here, offering you a carefree opportunity to experience the Equinisity lifestyle. We are inviting expressions of interest at this point and will begin construction when the allotted spaces are filled.


Please contact Liz to discuss further.

Equinisity Ranch House - View to the South

View to the South-West

Equinisity Ranch House - View to the South East

View to the South-East

Equinisity Ranch House - View to the North West

View to the North-West

Equinisity Ranch House - View to the North

View to the North

Nestled against a hill for passive solar, the south face of the house will be surrounded by a covered deck. The Master bedroom opens out to the north meadow and view on the top of the hill. The main entry opens to the south and view of the lake as does living room, dining room and kitchen. The horses and Barn House are a 3 min walk away.

Questions and Answers

In simple terms, what exactly do I pay and what do I get?

You pay in advance, on a 10 year lease for the specific number of months you would like to have access to the Ranch House and the amenities of the ranch. If for example, you would like to have access to the Ranch House for one month in the summer season over the 10 year period, your total payment would be $40,000 CAD. As outlined above, the months from May through October are $4,000 CAD per month and the rest are $2,000 CAD per month. Your month can be booked individually each year and can be broken into 2 weeks chunks if you prefer so that each year you can experience different seasons on the ranch. 

It is up to you what you do with your time. You could bring in clients of your own and charge them by the week to learn from you and retreat with you, or you could simply use it as vacation time on your own or share with friends and family to get away from the busy life. If you are

Equinisity Ranch House - View to the West

View to the West

a business you could also share with your associates. You will have access to the full 320 acres of land, the ability to interact with The Herd and other animals and access to the Tents and Spirit Lodge community. Like a vacation rental, it will primarily be self-catered however, lunch, dinner and retreats will be available to you at cost if you so choose.

How many people can I bring?


There are 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a King sized bed in one room and two twin sized beds in the other. This means you could potentially bring two people per week for a total of 8 people per month. The house sleeps 4 people maximum if you come with friends or family and share the King. If arranged in advance, we have extra accommodation in our comfortable wall-tent cabins and guest house if you require space for a larger gathering.

Can I charge what I want to people attending my retreats?


Since the going rate for an Equinisity Retreat is $2,800 per week, you could easily charge enough to include your coaching or lease and more than cover your expenses.

Are there any sort of restrictions?


You need to follow the retreat schedule (i.e. barn times are between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm) and be respectful of the land and the established community. We will give you a Guideline print-out to follow.

If I am interested, do I need to make a deposit?


Yes, we will want a small non-refundable fee of $1,000 CAD while developing the project. When we begin construction, the full funds will need to be deposited in our building trust account.

If you have any further questions or would like to talk more, please contact Liz.

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